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    Charles Ancona show jackets are made using the finest Italian stretch fabrics to provide both stylish looks and high performance functionality. All our jackets are machine washable, water repellant and lightweight to help keep you cool on the hottest days.

    Each jacket's design is fully customizable and made to order in New York City's garment district. With over 1,500 possible designs, no two jackets are alike. We take pride in designing AND manufacturing the highest quality products for our customers, which include top riders such as: Brianne Goutal, Laura Chapot, Jimmy Torano, Sarah Tredennick, Margie Engle, Dani Goldstein, Sydney Schulman, Jeffrey Welles, Ben Meredith and up and coming riders Gia Rinaldi and Daisy Farrish.

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    Charles Ancona designs and manufactures his clothing in the garment district of New York City. His diverse portfolio ranges from fashion to technical sports apparel, where he applies his knowledge of Italian stretch fabrics to create unique, great fitting apparel.


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Date Shows Location
Jan 13th - April 3rd WEF (Winter Equestrian Festival) Wellington, FL
April 28- May 1st Rolex Lexington, KY
May 4-8 Garden State Augusta, NJ
May 10-15 Old Salem Farm North Salem, NY
May 17-22 Old Salem Farm North Salem, NY
May 26- June 5 Devon Devon, PA
June 21-25th Fairfield Hunt Club Fairfield, CT
June 28- July 3rd Lake Placid Lake Placid, NY
July 5th-10th Lake Placid Lake Placid, NY
Aug 2-7 Kentucky Summer Classic Lexington, KY
Aug 9-14 US Pony Finals Lexington, KY
Aug 16-21 Kentucky Blue Grass Festival Lexington, KY
Aug 28-Sept 4 Hampton Classic Hamptons, NY
Sept 8-11 Gold Cup North Salem, NY
Sept 15-18 Plantation Unionville, PA
Sept 21-25 Central Park Horse Show New York, NY
Oct 1-9 Capital Challenge Upper Marlboro, MD
Oct 13-23rd PA National Horse Show Harrisburg, PA
Nov 1-6 CP Nationals KY Lexington, KY
Nov 23-27 Pre WEF Thanksgiving Wellington, FL
Nov 30-Dec 4 Pre WEF #2 Wellington, FL

*All dates are subject to change. Please check back for updates.







Open on weekdays. Check the schedule for where we'll be on the weekends.

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